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Cut to order solutions for your needs:

Technical translations need to be adapted to the use of terminology of each specific area. With Perfecto Brasil, technical terms and glossaries are prepared for the client's specific segment.

Apart from this, we have a methodology to develop a consistent translation, which presents a standard throughout all publications of the same sector.

Fields of action:

Perfecto Brasil works with technical translations involving the following idioms:


Quality warranty:

Perfecto Brasil constantly invests in technology, management and training in order to guarantee and improve the quality of the work offered.

Bearing in mind the value of your company's information, we have control, organization and safety as essential elements in our routine both in producing technical translation and technical publications.

Work proofread and revised

Every work is proofread and revised. You have the result of much higher quality.

Standardized translation

Standardization. With the help of modern tools for translation support, we have developed a consistent translation, even if it is performed by several people.

Tools for quality guarantee

Commercial and in-house tools developed tools guarantee a higher consistency and quality supporting checking of several parameters.

Respect to standards

Respect to national and international standards. Technical and scientific ratings are applied in accordance to established systems. Inconsistencies detected regarding the incorrect use of terminology and ratings are corrected or informed to the client.

Safety of information

Safety of information. The work data is encrypted and remotely stored for fast recovery in case of damage or any disaster.

Secrecy of information

Secrecy of information. Every client can rely from the very first contact with a non-disclosure agreement of all information provided.

Work flow:

For a better end result, we have developed the following work flow for translations performed by Perfecto Brasil.

Translation work flow:

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